Wafer USB Card
Wafer - Designed by Flashbay with care and passion
  • Large branding area gives maximum exposure for your logo.
  • Developed with focus groups to maximise impact as promotional gift.
  • Simple and intuitive to use.
  • Certified and tested to have no nasties.
  • Protected by design patents.
Only available to purchase from Flashbay and our authorised resellers. Beware of imitations.
Flashbay Design Team

USB Flash Drives Wafer Quote

At just 2.2mm thin, the Wafer USB is one of the thinnest USB Cards in the world. It's ideal to store in your wallet, pocket or organiser. Its large brandable area can be photo printed on both sides in full vibrant colour to showcase your smartest brand designs.

5 Days Lead Time. We assemble, customise and deliver your order all within this time!
Available from just 10 units

Whether you're after a small or large quantity, our friendly Account Managers will give you the best service they can. Enquire to get prices, virtual proofs with your logo and dummy samples. No obligation to order.

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How many files can each capacity hold?



Branding Options and Print Area

USB Card Photo Printing
Branding Area designated by

Photo Printing:
Area Front: 84.5mm X 53mm
Area Back: 84.5mm X 53mm
Photo Printing

Photo Printing

Shows the product can be branded in full color. Logo Artwork should be high resolution and 300DPI. You can upload files as .png, jpeg or .gif formats. Low resolution image files lifted from websites will not give good results. Our prices always include printing in full color on all the print areas shown on the product description.

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Wafer Data Preloading

Data Preloading

We can preload presentations, product catalogues or any other promotional materials you desire. Learn more
Wafer AutoRun Function

AutoRun Function

This feature allows your preloaded data such as a presentation to launch automatically when the user plugs the custom USB Flash Drive it into their computer. Learn more
Wafer File Lock/Dual Zone

File Lock/Dual Zone

If you want to protect your data from deletion by the final user, you need a Flashbay Dual Zone Flash Drive. Learn more
Wafer Volume Label

Volume Label

The 'volume label' is the name assigned to the Flash Drive when the disk is first formatted or created. We can customise this name on request. Learn more


Presentation Tin

Add more impact to your event with the Presentation Tin accessory. It not only looks great, but also protects the model inside. The Presentation Tin has a custom-made insert that's fitted to the product, and the front features a large area ready to be printed with your logo.
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Branding Area

Blister Pack

The Blister Pack, or 'retail pack', is made from transparent PVC, has a hole for hanging and comes with a white card backing. We can print the card insert in full colour on request. The blister pack has space for a neckstrap if required.
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Artwork Template

Printable Neckstrap

The Printed Neckstrap has a 12mm width and is printed with your logo. The neckstrap allows the user to hang the product around their neck.
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Branding Area


The Neckstrap allows the user to hang the product around their neck, and is sold blank (no printing) and has a 7mm width.
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Magnet Box Card

The Magnet Box Card offers a stylish and sturdy way to protect the branded product inside. Featuring a magnetic closing mechanism, a custom-fit foam and a large branding area to showcase your logo, the Magnet Box Card is an ideal accessory to give you even more brand exposure.
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Branding Area

Magnet Box Medium

The Magnet Box Medium is larger than the regular Magnet Box and also features two magnets to keep the lid securely closed. The top can be Screen Printed with your logo or brand message, which will be visible through the transparent lid.
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Branding Area

Dimensions and Weight

Length: 85.5mm (3.4 inches)
Width: 54mm (2.1 inches)
Height: 2.2mm (0.09 inches)
Weight: 12.63 grams (0.45 ounces)


Where plastic is used for non-visible internal parts, these materials come from 100% recycled sources

RoHS This product fully conforms to RoHS Directive (EU Restriction of hazardous substances).

Default Packaging

Default Packaging
Packed in individual translucent bags made from plant based material - biodegradable and more environmentally friendly than plastic polybags. For alternative packaging, see Accessories.

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Aqidah Othman
August 25, 2022

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Efficient work, delivery and communication! Great customer service (e.g. a lot of follow ups) as well!
Jaycee Ho
April 7, 2019

Responsive, Timely, Professional

Flashbay was extremely responsive to all of my inquiries. They were also able to provide and deliver our product quickly and without issue, even though we had a very small window of shipment time available. Our agent, Mark, was very professional throughout the whole process of ordering. We will definitely order from them again!
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Great service and product

Great service and product. The order delivered super fast and looked just like the proof we confirmed. Katherine T. was very helpful with the measurements of the item, and went through few proofs until we got it just right. Will definitely work with Katherine again.
April 4, 2019

Great quality

We have just taken delivery of the first order we placed (of two orders so far) - and we’re delighted. Very well packaged, good quality and the first one USB card we’ve loaded up works fine! Now to load the other 149! Will definitely use again. The only bug bear is a 1.9% surcharge on using a credit card to pay - but can't argue with the quality so far.
April 4, 2019

Very professional and friendly

Very professional and friendly. They were very willing to make sure we got the product we wanted. Plus we received our order early. Will definitely buy more products from Flashbay.
Jasmine White
April 3, 2019

Elegant product

Excellent product (USB business card wafer) - artwork particularly skilful.
Teacher Aide - Mackay State High School
April 2, 2019

Yudi was fantastic to work with

Yudi was fantastic to work with! We were on a tight deadline and very thankful for the Flashbay team's quick responses and attentiveness and also for matching a quote from a competitor. We were satisfied with the product and thankful for the quick turnaround + shipping. Also, their availability -- Yudi responded to emails I sent very late in the day almost right away. My only hitch was against the policy to ship to the Billing address for the first order. This ended up working out all right, but it was a little frustrating. Nevertheless, all is well that ends well and I would definitely work with Flashbay and especially Yudi again!
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